My name is Silvana, and I am the Director of Sirenza Hair Fashions Ltd. I am also the creator of the Hair Extension Maintenance (H.E.M) System; a new product that will revolutionise hair extension care and maintenance.


This system will enable anyone using, or thinking about using hair extentions to easily care for them.


It combines 3 uses in 1 device, which will make life easier for you, and will also extend the life of the beautiful hair extensions to keep them in tip top condition.


Having used hair extensions for many years, I became frustrated with having to purchase them regularly, as there was no easy solution for the laborious maintenance regime once I had purchased my hair extensions. For those of you using hair extensions on a regular basis, you know only too well how how expensive it is to keep replacing your hair extensions, and how time consuming it is to wash and style them.


This is why I created the H.E.M (Hair Extensions Maintance) System, and I know you will love using it!

lauren silvanna

My name is Lauren and I am the Co-Director of Sirenza Hair Fashions Ltd, and daughter of Silvana.


I am also a user of hair extensions and understand the struggle to keep them in top condition. This is where the H.E.M System is great for me as it is so easy to look after my extensions, and cuts washing and styling time down dramatically!


The hair also stays in great conition for longer. This has reduced the expense of purchasing them as often as I used to, saving me money.


We all know how time consuming it is to wash our hair extensions. Holding with one hand, and struggling to shampoo and condition with the other. Then drying and styling them. Maybe you want to curl your hair extensions? Again holding with one hand, hot curlers in the other... This will be a thing of the past.


Look no further! Wash, Style and Store your hair extensions with ease!

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